Mobile baccarat games

If you need something to play on your new Rose Gold Apple IPhone 6s or any of the latest portable devices, mobile baccarat is a good choice. Baccarat is quite popular at land-based venues and hence online too, but it hasn’t really been possible to play it on our smartphones and tablets – until now.

Where to play mobile baccarat

Before we get into the ins and outs of what mobile baccarat is and some of the best titles to play, we should detail where you can play the mobile titles.

Leo Vegas is considered to be one the best mobile casinos, and interestingly out of all our recommended top class mobile sites, it is the only one to offer mobile baccarat. While we are sure our other regulated and verified mobile casinos will soon offer baccarat titles, for now is leading the way.

Background of baccarat

For those unaware of the background of baccarat, it is actually Italian for zero, which is the main premise of the game – all the face cards and 10s are valued at zero.

Additionally, only the last digit of a card is counted when adding the total value of your hand – so if you land a Queen, a six, and a nine, the total would be 15, and your hand would therefore amount to five.

How to play mobile baccarat

We’ve written up a quick step-by-step guide for those new to baccarat. This is a general guide so if you are playing a variant of a standard baccarat title, be sure to read the rules by tapping on the information that is generally available somewhere on the table.

In order to play baccarat, you need to first ensure you have funds in your account, and then you can tap on your preferred title at Leo Vegas Casino.

  • First, bet on either the Player’s hand, the ‘Banker’s hand’ or just opt for a Tie (we detail the odds below on each bet).
  • Two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker, and a third card may be dealt to either options or both due to the following reasons.
  • Player only has to draw a third card if they have an initial total value of zero, one, two, three, four or five, but stand with six or seven
  • Banker draws if total is less than two
  • Banker draws with a total three, unless Player has an eight
  • Banker draws with a total of four, if Player has two, three, four, five, six, or seven
  • Banker draws with a total of five, if Player drew has four, five, six, or seven
  • Banker draws with a total of six, if Player has six or seven
  • Banker does not draw if the total is seven

The points of each hands are valued and then compared, with the highest hand winning – the highest value possible is nine. If you’ve bet on the winning hand, you will be paid out accordingly.

Mobile baccarat odds

There are just three wagers in mobile baccarat, with the following payouts:

  • Player wins – pays at even money odds, 1 to 1
  • Banker wins – pays at even money odds plus 5% commission, 0.95 to 1
  • Tie bet – 8 to 1

The commission available for the Banker bet is due to the fact that a third card is more likely to be drawn and thus it is more likely to win.

Best mobile baccarat titles at Leo Vegas

Leo Vegas have pioneered mobile baccarat titles, and have gone as far as adding more than just one title to their extensive mobile catalogue.

    Mini Baccarat on mobile at Leo Vegas Casino

  • Mini baccarat: Created by the mobile specific software developer, Play’n Go, Mini Baccarat is the most traditional baccarat title out of all the games we list here, with graphics that mimic a standard baccarat table. Chip sizes start at one and go right up to 100, while there are additional bets including Banker Pair, Player Pair, and Natural.
  • Baccarat Star: Created by Applejack and launched on the Odobo platform, which is accessed via Leo Vegas mobile, Baccarat Star offers the Player, Banker, and Tie bet as well as two bonus bets. Simply tap on the chip size, including one, two, five, 10, or 20 and then tap on the bet you wish to make.

  • Mobile live dealer baccarat at Leo Vegas

  • Live Baccarat: Leo Vegas has also become one of the first mobile casino to offer an extensive mobile live dealer catalogue, including a live dealer baccarat title, powered by Evolution Gaming. Players can play the standard baccarat rules while a human dealer is streamed to our smartphone or tablet screens – meaning we have our own portable casino in our hands.
  • Baccpo: Created by Applejack Gaming and launched on the Odobo platform, Baccpo is a unique take on the standard mobile baccarat title, which can be considered a cross between baccarat and blackjack. Players verse the dealer, with up to three hands available to be in play along with a side tie bet available – just be careful not to bust.