Voice controlled mobile casinos

Voice controlled mobile casinos for online gamblingRemember not so long ago when the idea of voice operated computers seemed as farfetched and futuristic as the concept of video calls? Now most smartphones come with voice powered operating systems, allowing users to write text messages, answer or reject phone calls and perform online searches with a simple voice command. It’s become so commonplace that we no longer question its existence, much like the idea of Skype or Face Time.

With advancing technology, our first instinct is to question how these features may benefit the online gaming world. Voice controlled technology has yet to become available for mobile casinos, but with mobile casino technology expanding at the rate it is, and with more innovative smartphones and tablets being released each year, there certainly is the possibility that voice controlled mobile gambling may come into fruition.

Whether or not this is appealing to you is dependent on personal taste, as voice operated technology brings a list of both benefits and disadvantages. Regardless, the marriage of mobile gambling and voice controlled software presents some exciting possibilities for the virtual gaming industry.

What is mobile voice technology?

Mobile voice technology allows smartphone users to perform operations that would normally be done by hand simply by making voice commands. It allows users to quickly call a phone number, search for music within their phone or even locate a nearby restaurant without having to type anything into a Google search. Mobile voice technology even allows users to update their Facebook status without having to move a muscle. It’s a handy tool that’s underutilised by a majority of smartphone users, with most seeing it as a fun yet unnecessary gimmick. This mobile feature is most commonly used for hands-free phone conversations while driving. Current widespread mobile voice technology includes iOS Siri (referred to as an “intelligent personal assistant”) the Samsung S Voice application and Microsoft’s Cortana.

The benefits and disadvantages of voice controlled mobile casinos

When it comes to the prospect of voice controlled casinos, the list of benefits and disadvantages are pretty equal. Most popular smartphone models like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy already come with voice control technology, but it’s a feature that many consumers never bother to use, so just because the technology exists doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s more user friendly.

The benefits of voice technology include the fact that you’re free to use your hands as you please, so in regards to mobile gaming, you’d have the ability to be playing your hand on blackjack or spinning the pokies reels while having the freedom to move around. It also means ultimate comfort, giving us a break from the countless hours spent each day typing at a computer or clicking on a touch screen.

Voice controlled casino games would also take us one step closer to full virtual reality gaming, bringing the ability to enhance our gambling experiences to the highest possible levels.

Considering that psychologists have stated that more people are attracted to gambling due to the rush they feel than they are for the prospects of winning, enhancing games with voice control certainly has the potential to add to this rush.

The disadvantages are that many mobile casino users play in public, so the prospect of using voice control wouldn’t even be an option, unless you want to look like that crazy person on the train talking to yourself. Plus the fact remains that even though you have the freedom to use your hands to do other things, the action on the screen requires your full attention so you can’t move around away from the mobile device anyway.

Another unfortunate fact is that despite the state of the art technology used in voice recognition technology it can be notoriously inaccurate, performing operations the opposite of what the user has asked, which could be a dangerous and risky grounds for casino operators.

The problem there is that a punter may use voice control to play a card hand one way, while the operating system recognises it as a different request, opening a world of problems for both players and operators.

Whether voice controlled casino games are appealing to you or not, advances in technology are always welcome by us, with each step a progressive move towards bigger and better things for mobile gaming.

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