LG Helix Bracelet gambling

From Google Glass and iGlasses, to the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, 2015 is shaping up to be the year of wearable technology.

LG Helix bracelet gamblingMore wearable devices seem to be emerging onto the market every day, from fitness trackers to pocket devices, with some creations impressing even the most passionate tech-heads while others dwindle to the sideline. While wearable devices are starting to roll out some promising gaming features, casino gambling on these platforms mostly remains a work in progress, although the future looks bright.

In all the hype it’s easy to forget about some of the older concepts that were revolutionary in their time, but still lack the technological advances to be brought to life today. The LG Helix Bracelet is the perfect example of a radical design that we’re still holding our breaths on.

The concept of the LG Helix has been a hot topic in the tech world for years now, but a release date or price for the item has never been unveiled. As with all emerging technologies, the first question on our minds is what the device may have in store for gaming potential, if and when the LG Helix ever makes it to the market.

What is the LG Helix Bracelet?

The LG Helix Bracelet phone is a concept that was first unveiled by Rob Luna back in 2009. The result of the design was a smartphone that doubled as a snap band, worn around the wrist for easy access while stylish enough to make a fashion statement. The LG Helix features a futuristic DNA style design, with bright lashings of colour used to add appeal to a younger fashion conscious market.

This bracelet/mobile phone hybrid is made of rubber elastic and black stainless steel and can be bent and spiralled around in rotation. The device integrates flexible circuits with an easy access touchscreen. The front of the device contains an LED screen that reveals all the relevant updates, while LED strips can be shifted by the user in order to change the function of the handset.

Perhaps most revolutionary of all, the LG Helix bracelet phone comes with the power to be charged using only kinetic energy, bringing the potential to be a real game changer. The device comes with a magnetic charger that attaches to a belt for charging on the go, making it a pioneering contraption as far as environmentally conscious and energy efficient tech products are concerned.

Playing casino games on the LG Helix Wristband

Since word of the LG Helix phone was released back in 2009, the device continues to make its way onto lists of futuristic and creative phone products that the tech savvy hope to see become a reality in the future. Beyond a basic overview of the concept, details of the LG Helix are hard to come by, making us sceptical about the possibility of ever seeing its release.

Due to the lack of information available, it’s hard to speculate as to whether the LG Helix bracelet will have the potential to access online casinos, however to succeed in today’s highly competitive marketplace the device would need to excel in gaming capabilities to stand ahead of such strong consumer rivalry.

We can only hope that if the LG Helix Bracelet ever does come to fruition that it has the power to offer real money casino gambling on the go, as the thought of being able to power a device using our own body movement is too exciting a possibility to pass up.

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