Mobile casinos in year 2030

Future mobile casinos in year 2030Fast forward into the future 15 years from now, what do you see? The ice caps will have melted that little bit more, the population will have grown by an alarming number and Miley Cyrus will be pushing 40 and probably still twerking all over our space-age Smart TVs.

When you think that the iPhone only came into creation in 2007, it’s crazy to think just how monumentally the mobile market has changed in those eight years. As smartphone consumers we were once amazed at the ability to send a photo in a text message, now we don’t blink an eye at the fact that our phones can track our calorie intake, guide us through the streets of a foreign country or direct us to the closest public toilet within a five kilometre radius.

The mobile casino industry has only emerged in the last couple of years and if you consider how far the advancements have already come since then, speculating 15 years into the future it’s pretty safe to say that mobile casinos have some pretty huge possibilities in store.

The future of mobile casino apps

The Apple marketing campaign for the original iPhone first coined the phrase “there’s an app for that” while referring to basically any request you could imagine, and they weren’t wrong.

In 2015 there’s apps for everything from language tutorials, to drunk dialling protection, to contraction trackers for women in labour, yet bizarrely enough there aren’t many reputable native casino apps beyond the Royal Vegas Casino app.

If apps still exist in 2030 (who knows, they may seem as outdated as VCR tapes by then; a platform like the smartphone or tablet as we know it may be obsolete in 15 years) the potential for casino apps is pretty exciting to think about. We’re imagining flawlessly incredible apps offered by world class online casinos, with such a crisp and convenient gambling experience that land based casinos will be a hazy memory of the past.

In fact, we could go as far to speculate that the finest bricks and mortar casinos may roll out their own mobile apps in years to come to keep up with the growing demand for online gambling.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology in year 2030With the recent emergence of contraptions like the iGlasses, Google Glass, the Apple Watch and a huge range of other wearable devices, it’s easy to imagine that the level of wearable technology will be completely off the chain by the year 2030. There probably won’t be smart-glasses but more likely invisible contact lenses that open up a virtual world to the user, activated entirely by blinking signals or kinetic brain waves.

Advancing wearable technology opens some huge doors of possibility for mobile casino gaming, where punters may be able to throw down a stake on a blackjack game without making any obvious movements to an outside observer, playing a card game for real money on public transport without visibly doing anything more than staring out the window.

In present day 2015, no wearable device has yet managed to pull off major moves towards mobile casino gaming, but in 2030 wearable technology for mobile casinos could take us as far as our wildest imagination.

Fully immersive virtual casinos

This is the big one, or the one we really have our fingers crossed for. Imagine this – you put on a headset in the comfort of your living room, close the visor and suddenly you’re transported to the most elaborate, sophisticated and well-designed casino you’ve ever stepped foot in.

Using some crazy, yet-to-be-invented 2030 technology, you are able to have a fully immersive virtual casino experience, walking the walls of a beautiful casino, placing bets and interacting with other real life players who are tapped into the software.

The virtual casino software could have the ability to let you choose your own avatar, being whoever you want to be, adorning a kick ass tux or breathtaking ball gown while in reality you’re at home in your oldest tracksuit with gravy stains down the front.

This futuristic virtual reality experience has the potential to combine real money gambling with online dating or just fully immersive online social interaction. Imagine one night you and your friends can’t all get together in real life due to a bunch of reasons, but you can all throw on your casino headset and meet up in a virtual world, walking the casino floors together, chatting using a real voice function, hitting up the blackjack tables together while meeting other punters and hopefully winning some real cash.

Sound too farfetched? Perhaps, but when you consider that 15 years ago the first mobile phones looked like giant plastic bricks and couldn’t do much more than send a 30 character SMS, and now we can use them for instant real time video chat across the globe, or play baccarat against a live dealer in a Malta casino studio from the bus station, maybe it’s not such a crazy idea after all.

From futuristic casino apps, to space-age wearable technology and virtual casinos of our fantasies, only time will tell what the year 2030 really has in store. For now, we’ll have to be content to live in the present, but thankfully mobile gambling is thriving right now so head to one of our recommended mobile casinos and experience what present technology has to offer.

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