Casinos with Touch ID identification

Many of the top mobile casino sites in 2024 give you the ability to sign into your app with a fingerprint. These touch ID casino sites make it so you don’t have to remember a pesky password, after you have signed into your account. Touch ID has become a common feature even on desktop computer, with macs and some Windows machines now coming with this security perk. Some of the top online casinos that have got touch ID verification include:

United States Casinos with fingerprint security

Casinos with fingerprint security

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Why Touch ID is revolutionising online gambling

When playing at a legitimate and reputable casino like the ones recommended here at, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that the site is safe and secure. However, despite the highest levels of Internet protection, some users are still dubious when it comes to handing over personal information online, with rogue operators tarnishing the reputation of genuine operations. These concerns can be magnified when it comes to using mobile casinos, with some smartphone and tablet users unsure about their gambling security when sending private data over a mobile connection.

Over the years many technologies have emerged to help players feel safe when depositing money at Internet casinos, from visual aided SSL security encryption to banking methods that allow you to deposit funds without sharing your financial details with the gambling venue. One of the latest revelations in online security is the introduction of touch identification, state-of-the-art technology that verifies your identity with a swipe of your fingerprint.

While this highly innovative casino identification method is currently only available on particular mobile devices (generally only at iOS casinos and Android casinos) and not specifically to access an online casino, the development of such software provides a promising outlook for those who are wary about their privacy when gambling online.

What is Touch ID?

Touch ID is fingerprint recognition software originally developed by Apple for use on iOS mobile devices, currently available for iPhone S5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3. The growing popularity of this software means more manufacturers are starting to release their own brand of touch identification, like the Samsung Galaxy S5 which now comes with built in fingerprint scanner, but Apple’s Touch ID product remains at the forefront of the industry.

On an Apple mobile device, the inclusion of Touch ID is evident if the circular ‘home’ button at the bottom of the device doesn’t include a square icon in the middle. The Touch ID button allows the phone or tablet owner to unlock and access their phone simply with the swipe of their fingerprint, saving time from having to enter passwords or pass codes. The Touch ID finger recognition software also allows users to make purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks without having to sign in with their Apple ID. This innovative security aid means that only the rightful owner of the phone or tablet has the ability to access the device, providing great peace of mind for cautious mobile users.

Using fingerprint recognition to gamble safely online

With Apple Touch ID, the biometric fingerprint information is stored directly on the device hardware itself and is not shared with any external servers or the iCloud. This means the information is unable to be accessed by any external operator, like a mobile casino, so as it stands the fingerprint recognition is only helpful to access your personal device and when using any iOS related service.

On the contrary, other manufacturers like Samsung are applying a little less caution in order to extend this protective service to app developers for greater customer use. The Galaxy S5 now comes with a fingerprint enabled PayPal app, allowing customers to make a purchase using PayPal with an easy swipe of their finger, eliminating the need to enter any personal information when spending money online.

The development of the fingerprint recognition PayPal app is where an exciting glimpse into the future of touch identification becomes available. While no casinos currently offer this service, as the technology expands its only reasonable to guess it’s a matter of time before this product is available at many websites including mobile gambling venues. Real money casinos are more than aware of player safety concerns, so we can only imagine reputable sites like Roxy Palace would jump at the chance to allow players to verify their account with the swipe of a fingerprint.

Likewise, a touch identification service may be used by online banking systems commonly used by casinos, like POLi, Neteller or Skrill. Not only would this address any safety concerns, but it would also save time and help to ensure the age verification to eliminate any underage players from accessing the sites.

While this is entirely speculative at this point, Touch ID and other fingerprint recognition technology certainly seems like a realistic possibility for mobile gamblers in the near future.

How to tell if a mobile casino is safe

Until Touch ID becomes available within the online gambling industry, there’s several ways to put your mind at ease when playing at a mobile casino. The most important is to ensure the site is protected by a minimum of 128 Bit SSL security encryption. You can identify this simply by looking at the URL address bar of the mobile casino as any SSL protected site will include a small padlock icon.

Some mobile sites, like BGO, even go one step further by using the SSL visual indictor, which illuminates the whole URL bar green along with inclusion of the padlock icon so it’s instantly clear to a player that the site is SSL protected.

For those who still have doubts about their privacy when using a mobile casino, we suggest sticking to a secured Internet connection like your own personal WiFi rather than playing over a public Internet connection. While the casino will always be protected by its SSL certificate, this may help simply help to ease any personal concerns.

If you’re still unsure, simply stick to one of our recommended casinos linked across our site; all use the highest in mobile security and offer a range of trusted payment methods so players can gamble without the fear of their privacy being compromised.

What iGames are available at Touch ID casinos?

The top online casinos with touch ID logins or fingerprint identification have got many different real money casino games you can play. These online casino games include both live dealer and electronic games like online slots. The most popular games at casinos with Touch ID include:

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